How it works

The Mason Jar Exchange is a local meal prep and delivery service designed to simplify your life. Using the freshest of ingredients, we prep, cook and deliver your meals. In turn, no matter how busy your day gets you can always feel as though you’re sitting down to a fresh, home cooked meal. 

So how does it work? It's simple!

1. We post a new weekly menu every Sunday.

2. You order by Friday at 6pm.

3. We deliver the following Sunday or Monday. Whether it be to your home or work, you tell us where you’d like your meals delivered.

4. Once you’re done with your meals, the mason jars are picked up at the time of your next delivery.

Why choose us? With many meal prep services available today, what sets us apart from the rest?

  • For one we’re environmentally friendly . We use glass packaging, cutting down on waste.

  • Two, we will work with our customers to suit your individual taste, lifestyle and dietary needs.

  • And most important of all, our meals require minimal prep and cleanup. There are no pre-measured ingredients which require your time and energy to cook. Your meal is delivered ready to eat, allowing you to take back your weekends and evenings by spending more time doing the things you love.

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The Mason Jar Exchange How it Works
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Only the freshest ingredients!

"When Marissa started The Mason Jar Exchange 1st I was attracted to the convenience. Now I can say I am 100% addicted to this food. After only a few weeks, it has made all the difference with my weight and shape! I am at my goal and feel better than ever. Marissa's food has pushed me over the hump. I feel lost without it, it is fresh, convenient, and always tastes amazing!! I highly recommend The Mason Jar Exchange!"
Jenn W.

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