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How it works

The Mason Jar Exchange is a locally prepared meal and delivery service designed to simplify your life. Using the freshest ingredients, we prep, cook, and deliver your meals. In turn, no matter how busy your day gets, you can always feel as though you’re sitting down to a fresh, home-cooked meal.

It's Simple!

Weekly Specials

We post new specials every Tuesday

For Wednesday Delivery

Place your order by Sunday, 6pm
Whether it be to your home or work, you tell us where you'd like your meals delivered.


Once you’re done with your meals, the mason jars are picked up at the time of your next delivery

The Mason Jar Exchange Locally Grown Foods
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Only The Freshest Ingredients!

"When Marissa started The Mason Jar Exchange 1st, I was attracted to the convenience. Now I can say I am 100% addicted to this food. After only a few weeks, it has made all the difference in my weight and shape! I am at my goal and feel better than ever. Marissa's food has pushed me over the hump. I feel lost without it; it is fresh, convenient, and always tastes amazing!! I highly recommend The Mason Jar Exchange!"

- Jenn W.

The Mason Jar Exchange Locally Grown Foods

Delivery Locations

Exciting News

We're Hitting the Road

We will not be delivering through our online store in September as we are excited to announce that for the month of September, we’re taking our flavors to the streets!

Our food truck will be serving your favorites at
Elm & Church street, New Haven