Kids Meals

The Mason Jar Exchange Kids Meals

Kids Meals!

Short on time and out of ideas for school lunch? The Mason Jar Exchange now offers healthy, organic kids options. So even the pickiest of eaters won’t go hungry with our bento-style kids meals.

The Bento Box is a multi-compartment container used for taking a full-course meal in an eco-friendly, reusable container.

The Mason Jar Exchange Kids Meal Bento Box

How it works

We provide the wholesome choices while you give your child the independence to create their own meals.

Have fun choosing a drink and three items from our extensive options of main dishes, fruits, veggies and snacks.

We’ll deliver your meals and take back the empty containers at the time of delivery in exchange for your new order.

The containers are then properly sanitized and refilled for your next delivery.

Only the freshest ingredients!

"When Marissa started The Mason Jar Exchange 1st I was attracted to the convenience. Now I can say I am 100% addicted to this food. After only a few weeks, it has made all the difference with my weight and shape! I am at my goal and feel better than ever. Marissa's food has pushed me over the hump. I feel lost without it, it is fresh, convenient, and always tastes amazing!! I highly recommend The Mason Jar Exchange!"
Jenn W.